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Red Scare Bands:

Arms Aloft on Facebook: Wait a fuckin’ second…how did the newest band on Red Scare end up at the top of the links section? Oh wait, it’s in alphabetical order.

The Bombpops Homepage: Jen and Poli make the crudest jokes and those other two dudes are no picnic either. NSFW!

The Brokedowns on Fartbook: Live webcam of Mustafa rolling joints and lotsa jokes about psychotropic drugs. Far out, man.

Cobra Skulls Homepage: What’s that hissing sound? Either their website is meltin’ your modem or these Reno boys have slashed your tires.

The Copyrights on Facebook: The pride of Southern Illinois and the purveyors of quality buzzpop. But what IS a Saluki?

Garrett Dale on Pornhub: Oklahoma’s dirtiest soulman. At least spell his name right: two Ts. TWO Ts!

Direct Hit! homepage: Ya know how you will be damned to HELL if you read one word from the Necronomicon? Well, this band’s site is like the online version of that.

Druglords of the Avenues on Facebook: Bay Area rockers on the internet. Tour dates, music, news, and more!

Elway on Facebook: Not as good as Moon, but better than Kosar. Visit them online and get mile high with these Rocky Mountain studs.

Enemy You on MySpace: One of SF’s finest punk bands and a Red Scare favorite. Like rolling three natural 6’s.

The Falcon on Facebook: Who are these masked men? Who cares. They play a show once or twice a year, so be on the lookout.

Good Friend Official Homepage: These lads speak Irish, so good luck making any sense of this site.

The Heat Tape on Bandcamp: Brett and his trailer park buddies somehow figured out the internet. Check ’em out!

The Holy Mess Official Website: What more can be said in regards to this band that hasn’t already been regrettably tweeted about during an all-night drunken piss-up?!?

La Plebe Homepage: The nicest MFers in all of punk rock and the pride of San Pancho. La Pinche Plebe!

The Lillingtons on Facebook: If you’re not down with Lils you got some catching up to do. One of the best pop punk bands ever and we’re honored to work with ’em.

MakeWar on Facebook: A Venezuelan, a Colombian, and a Floridita walk into a Brooklyn bar…

Masked Intruder on Facebook: “The best pop-punk band you hope never gets out of prison.”

The Menzingers dot com: No website can contain this wild band. Oh wait, looks like they have a webpage, I take it back.

The Methadones on MySpace: If anyone sees Mike Byrne around Chicago, tell him that his mother is VERY worried about him and that he needs to phone her ASAP. C’mon, Mike.

Nothington on Facebook: SF’s loosest dudes!

Reaganomics on Facebook: The coolest thing to ever come outta Joliet, Illinois. After Andy Dick, of course.

Sam Russo Official Homepage: Sam is our first and only artist from the UK. Lotsa pressure, dawg. Don’t blow it!

Sicko Homepage: Seattle’s greatest pop punk trio. Hunt them down and demand a reunion show!

The Sidekicks online: These hot youngsters are just as flammable as the lake nearby.

Success homepage: Internet hub for these Seattle posi-punks. You’re not gonna believe this, but they put CREAM CHEESE on their hot dogs up there. No bullshittin’.

Sundowner on Facebook: Sunny D online! This man doesn’t have time for the web. He’s like that dude from the Dos Equis commercial, just better.

Teenage Bottlerocket Official Website: Our pride and joy. All grown up and now kickin’ ass with Fat Wreck.

Vultures United Homepage: These So-Cal howlers are serious nerds, so of course they’re gonna have a cool, fancy website.


Traffic Entertainment Group: Our distro! These New Englanders specialize in hip-hop, but they allowed us to join the team. I got a sweet Biz Markie picture disc outta the deal too!

Bad Sandwich Chronicles: It’s Brendan’s blog. Read at your own risk, as you can imagine.

Mutiny PR: These folks have been embedded in the underground for ages and work to promote bands, visual artists, and dumb record labels like Red Scare.

Dying Scene: Another news outlet that reports on all our subversive dealings. Their motto is, “News for the punks, by the punks”.