Shit.  Well, if you really need to tell us something you can send us a message through the Facebook page.  What?!?!  That’s not good enough?  Fuck.

Alright, my email is my first name @  My first name is Toby.  Yeah, I know asshole, lotsa people name their dogs Toby.

Wait a second, you want to MAIL me some shit too?  Don’t.  Press kits and demos are really, really silly in this day and age.  Shoot me your band’s webpage or something and save a tree.  Ohhh, you wanna send us some n00dz?  Right this way:

Tobias Jeg / Red Scare
4625 Hazel Ave. Apt. 1F
Philadelphia, PA  19143

Now on the flipside, if you’re trying to reach out to Red Scare for something constructive *gasp* and because you’d like to carry some of our fabulous CDs and LPs, you should contact the good people at our distributor, Traffic Entertainment Group. Hit that link and make some moves, dawg!