6th Annual Red Oktoberfest + label news!

Hey out there. Everything goin’ okay? Hope so.

A ton of great shit is happening with our new releases from The Copyrights and Nothington. The Copys are busy out playing shows on the West Coast at the moment, then they’ll head out East with Strike Anywhere. And just when we all thought that North Sentinel Island was the best record of 2011, along came Nothington with their Red Scare debut, Borrowed Time. That thing will be in stores soon, but is available available on iTunes now or from our webstore for a measly 9 bucks. Our comrades at Punknews are streaming a few songs from the album if you want to hear what all the fuss is about. We’re really excited about these new ones, and hope you’re enjoying ’em too…

The other batch o’ bullshit that is going down over at the Red Scare HQ is our annual showcase: Red Oktoberfest! It’s always fun to see friends out at shows, and we promise to make it a real “fest” again one of these years, but for now you’ll have to settle for the usual Chicago shitholes. Oh, you love it. Now click here to RSVP for the shows. Read on for details on the lineup and shit…


Cobra Skulls (new record on Fat, but we still love ’em)
Nothington (debut full length out in September, old homies)
The Brokedowns (old faves, local yokels, we needed some lookers)
The Outsiders (from New Zealand, on Anchorless Recs)

For more show info, tix: http://beatkitchen.com/calendar.htm#0930


Special Guests (super secret band, you’ll be stoked)
Reaganomics (rad LP in 2011, hometown heroes, great hair)
TBA (not sure yet, hmmm…)

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