* Guerilla Poubelle *
“La Nausée”


* Sincere Engineer *


* The Lillingtons *
“Project 313”


* Nothington *
“In The End”

Sincere Engineer + the League Of Nations Tour!

Y’all hear about the latest addition to the Red Scare family? It’s Chicago’s Sincere Engineer! Deanna has been a long-time comrade of the label and her hard work and new music have earned her a well-deserved spot on the roster. What else do we know about Sincere Engineer? Well, Deanna works in a lab, she made “Spincere Engineer” fidget spinners for merch, and she’s got a big hometown record release party and is playing The Fest as well. She’s assembled a badass band of Chicago boys and feeds them popcorn, Thai food, and Sprite. No trans fats for these rockers, no way! Their debut release, Rhombithian, comes out October 20th, and you can pre-order the CD/LP or get it from Bandcamp. Very exciting stuff is happening for this young project!

Speaking of new releases, you deserve a peek into what’s coming: The Brokedowns are nearing completion on a new LP; there’s a new EP from The ALL Brights that’s gonna have to wait until the waves are JUST RIGHT; Seattle’s Success are about ready to get off their ass and bust out an album; and Elway has recorded a new thing, but are gonna take their time mixing and perfecting it. You should be thinking 2018 for all this shit.

Last bit of business is a tour we’ve worked real hard on: the League Of Nations Tour with our international comrades, MakeWar and Good Friend. It’ll be the first time in the States for the Irish lads of GF, so please welcome these young bands when they come through your town. See the dates and behold the art below!



New Nothington is out, Bandcamp is here, Lillingtons are coming!

Hopefully by now you have checked out Nothington’s new LP, In The End. If not, well, you’re fucking fired. Everyone has been giving it great reviews, and even the grouchy Germans are praising it. The boys have already had some triumphant runs in Europe, West Coast, and through Groezrock; but there’s more to come, including their first East Coast/Midwest tour in years. On top of all that good stuff, we saved a few of the “Cobblestones” 7″s from Record Store Day, so hit up our webstore quick if you missed out on that sweet single.

We’ve been building our Bandcamp page for a while, and now that our chronic hangovers have subsided, we think it’s ready. We even have the new Lillingtons EP up there, which brings us to…

Have we mentioned The Lillingtons have their first new release in 11 years coming in June? New Noise Magazine recently leaked all the dirty details. It’s hard getting any info outta the Lils, but you can assume they’re rolling around in goat’s blood or tinkering with their short-wave radios. This video snippet is all we have to work with:


* Good Friend *
“Ride The Storm”