* Nothington *
“Lost Along The Way”


* Direct Hit! *
“Brainless God”


* Elway *


* Druglords of the Avenues *
“New Drugs”

Update on vinyl, plus a new EP from Beex and Sam!

Hey, did you know that Red Scare turns 10 this year?!? We’ll be doing some special stuff in 2014, but for now check out these new releases we’ve got comin’ at ya…

Coming May 6th we’ll have the long-awaited vinyl versions of Nothington’s Lost Along The Way and Brainless God from Direct Hit!. Click on the aforementioned links to grab those records from Interpunk. Both those LPs went into production last Summer, but ya know, that shit takes forever to make. Excuses, excuses! You gals and guys should also know that sometime down the road we’ll be releasing a box-set version of Brainless God that will include a DVD, a comic book, and god knows what else. I dunno if you know Woodsy from DH! or not, but he’s a fuckin’ NUT.

Maybe you heard that Brendan Kelly and Sam Russo are doing a split EP? Yep, Split The Tip is two songs from that goofy-haired Chicago bartender and two more songs from a Brit that looks like a spell-casting greyhound… and it will also be out in May! Our Sam has been very busy playing shows over in Europe, but soon enough we’ll be dragging him over States-side for some shows here too. This EP will be available via all digital formats on 5/13; and the 7″ will be in stores on 5/22. Go here if you wanna order that thang now.

BK SR split 300x300


Comrades, this is what is next: The Lillingtons, Direct Hit!, Nothington.

You may have heard about The Lillingtons box set that crept out? You may have also heard that they’re playing a reunion show at this year’s Riot Fest? Well, these cryptic boys from Newcastle are up to something, that’s for sure. The Lillingtons only operate under the cover of darkness, but here’s what we know: Red Scare will be bringing you some of their more arcane material in digital format. We’re talking about their first album, Shit Out Of Luck, and Technically Unsound (a collection of OOP 7″s and a split 12″ EP). There have been some vinyl rips floating around and various sub-standard versions leaked, but now we’re bringing you this classic Lils stuff once and for all. At long last Red Scare has secured these mythical masters and they’ll be available on your favorite online service in the next couple weeks!

Coming in September we’ll be bringing you the Red Scare debut from Direct Hit! Brainless God will be out digitally on 9/3, and in rekkid stores on 9/10. A vinyl version will be soon to follow, but we need to hustle this thing out ASAP because it’s, like, a narrative concept album about the END OF THE WORLD, okay? Doomsday is upon us all and DH! is here to warn you. So keep your eyes out for that and look for them at Riot Fest and The Fest in Gainesville. September!

In October we will have something from our battle-hardened drinking buddies, Nothington. It’s called Lost Along The Way and it’s a collection album that compiles rarities, comp songs, 7″ tracks, etc. Some of their best stuff is on here and it’s been scattered on various pieces of vinyl and whatnot, so now we’re bringing it to you on one concise release. The lads just appeared on the Red Scare Across America Tour and will also be at The Fest. Nothington are ol’ SF blood to us, so we’re stoked to be involved in this one.

That’s it for now, but don’t forget: L-I-L-L-I-N-G…



It’s about fucking time: three new LPs coming soon on Red Scare!

So we’ve got three new records coming your way and the first new release is from Druglords of the Avenues. In case you ain’t down, DLA are a pub rock band from the Bay Area fronted by one of our heroes: ol’ Johnny Peebucks of Swingin’ Utters. Druglords don’t have a website or a Twitter account, hell, they don’t even have band promo pics, but their upcoming record is called New Drugs and it’s coming out in May. If you’re into rowdy punk rock like Off! or The Dwarves, this stuff will be right up your dark, sketchy alley. They’ll be playing some shows too (with Leftöver Crack and at Punk Rock Bowling), so pay attention.

Next will be the much-anticipated sophomore album from Red Scare hunks, Elway. Their record is called… drum roll… Leavetaking and it’s coming out in June. It was recorded at Atlas Studio in Chicago with the help of Matt Allison and approximately 510 cans of Busch Light. This is a big release for us and rumors of Elway’s inclusion on this Summer’s “Red Scare Across America” tour are possibly true. Allegedly, if you get my drift. This much we know for sure: you’ll be hearing a lot of great things from Elway in 2013.

And finally we come to the newest addition to the Red Scare family: Milwaukee’s Direct Hit! You’ve heard of “Minnesota Nice”? Well, these kids are a product of “Wisconsin Awesome”. Their upcoming Red Scare debut (set for July) is gonna be called Brainless God and it’s being produced by AAR axeman and world-renowned nice guy, Mike Kennerty. There’s lotsa weird shit and wild concepts happening with this record and you’ll hear about ‘em in the coming weeks. Trust us on this one, this’ll be the next Red Scare band you get stoked on, and these charming dirtballs will be touring their asses off this year too. Check out this rad and bizarro video to see what DH! is all about: